Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miriam's Drum on the Road

We are going on tour! Our multimedia performance will be reaching Chicago, San Francisco, Sharon, MA, and NYC! We are excited and looking forward to connecting with old and new friends, beloved sisters, some still unknown! Sheva Chaya will be projecting her visionary artwork, while I (Tziona Achishena) will be singing, drumming, and getting ready for Pesach with spiritual cleaning...from the inside out! This time is so special...we really feel the power of newness, purification, and freedom coming down into the world. This concert tour is a chance to connect to this energy in a positive way, keeping our eyes on the prize and Seder night approaches. It gives us a chance to breathe, sing, celebrate, dance, and connect to each other and to our creator, reaffirming our heart connection and coming back to our true selves.

We hope to see you there!
Tziona Achishena

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  1. Hi,
    just have found while looking in the blog-world for fellow Jewish artists. When are you gonna be in NYC, or have I missed it?