Thursday, September 20, 2012

Return to the Land of Your Soul

here we are in this beautiful time of year...the 10 days of tsuvah. a time of reconnecting to our real selves and souls, awakening, reaching out...and in. the subtle world of G-d fills the spaces within. A special birthday night, surrounded by the gentle waters of the Kinneret, wondering...could this be Miriam's Well? A place where kindess embraces us, and we are softened and made new.
on tap for this time:
* weekly class in Tzafnat with the beautiful young women of Israel: drums, clarinet, and flutes abound
* celestial Rosh Hashanah singing circle
* singing with a few hundred girls at a school near Haifa
have the most joyous and sweet new year!

redemption time

photo from an uplifting concert in Pittsburg with music by Tziona Achishena and visuals by Sheva Chaya...and all the women and girls dancing together!