Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Recent North American Tour

Here is a series of posts about each of the stops on my tour: Toronto, Chicago, Cleveland, Maryland, and Manhattan. By the end of these postings I hope to have some brilliant insights on the overall experience. I'm sure I"ll be seeing the forest any day now. Meanwhile, I still feel like I'm moving through the desert, tho I'm back in the Holy Land. Chodesh Tov!
Tziona Achishena

a fun jam with some high school girls in Toronto

March, 2013 North American Tour: Toronto

 I started out the tour in snowy Toronto. We were glad to get a good crowd considering that there was about a foot and a half of newly fallen snow outside! As I looked into the deep and present  eyes of the women in front of me, I felt that special magic feeling of G-d putting the words in my mouth, of tapping in to Beyond. Leah Bassett did an amazing job organizing; the place was beautiful, the lights magical, the sound divine. A highlight of the show was definitely Leah and Kari Issacson dancing to my song "Lo Gava Libi". I often hear about women doing dance performances to my songs but rarely get to see that myself, and it brought me a lot of joy, as well as a big hug from the dancers!
 Below is another big hug from the women's dancing circle. Hearts were open and women were reaching out to each other. Thanks to Rhonda (our host) and her beautiful family for being the most gracious and loving friend to me and Doda to baby Shlomo. I was able to really let go and relax in her home, some much needed r and r and a shabbes that I had been fantasizing about since last time.