Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hello holy sisters,
I'm so happy to tap into this stream of inspiration and holiness. The "Miriam" video is a glimpse of great things to come....circles and circles of women joining hands, smiling, dancing together.

The music is awesome, Tziona Achishena, thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

I want to share with you something...although deep down, I know everything and everyone has a rhythm, until this video came down, I never thought to have a drum, to even carry one around with me...and now...yes! I have a drum, I am ready to join the circle. I can start to believe in my own rhythm. That it exists, it is beautiful, it is needed to help make the circle whole. And the same is true of you, we need you, we are waiting for you, the circle is expanding.

Back when I started to paint, I wanted to paint music. I didn't exactly know what that meant, but I think it's time is coming now. The paintings in the video of Miriam and the women and the circles are inspired by the song, by the dancing women, by you.

Let's keep getting together, in the merit of Miriam the Prophetess herself, we should all find our drums, our rhythms, join hands and see the circle grow...

love and light,
sheva chaya

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