Thursday, December 10, 2009

New CD, New Blog, New Video...

Happy Hannukah Dear Friends,

I'm so happy to share with you lots of newness. Here is my new blog. You can sign up to get messages with new music, CDs, articles, letters, paintings, bootlegs, and links to new music videos! and...

I've Just Released a New CD!

Here is a song from my new disc "Relax and Know" (Harpu U'Du)

It is a disc of 7 songs for relaxation and healing, plus a spoken word relaxation/guided imagery process in Hebrew and English with musical accompaniment. This music is so is good for calming down, letting go, and for healing treatments like massage. It is also wonderful to dance with, or for doing any kind of gentle movement. This music was born from the meeting of the worlds of healing and music that has been part of my life for the last number of years. It is especially recommended for soothing babies (and mothers), and as a support for healing treatments. This song is called "Ashira"..."I will sing to G-d with my life, I will sing to Him while I'm here. And my words will be sweet to Him, and I will rejoice with Hashem." You can order this CD through my website through paypal or check. and...

I have a new music video!

Go to (you need to email me for the password) and...

I have a new email!

Happy Hannukah!!!!!!!!

love, Tziona Achishena

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