Thursday, June 10, 2010

(adapted from Likutay Moharan, 77)

When we breathe in holiness, our breath is the aspect of running and the movement of the angels in our father Jacob's dream. The purpose of creation is the revealation of G-d's kingdom in the world. The mouth is also related to the sephirah of Kingship. Therefore, through our mouths we can accomplish this revealation. The breath corresponds to the "H" of G-d's four letter name. The voice corresponds to the "vav". When we send our voice up in awe and trembling, in prayer and in Torah study, our actions correspond to the "yud" and the "hey" of G-d's holy name, like an upside down tree with roots in heaven, reaching up towards our source. Malchut is connected to the Shechinah (Divine Prescence), which is connected to speech. The soul itself has its source in the world of speech. The Shechinah, speech, accompanies us wherever we go, like a mother that accompanies her child wherever he goes. When we become mute, unable to speak, unable to articulate and open our inner world before G-d, then the Shechinah is in exile. By using our voice in holiness and a desire to connect with the Divine, the Shechinah is brought from exile to salvation. Geula is in our mouths!

"In the palace of the King, let your true voice sing!" with love, Tziona Achishena

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