Monday, May 17, 2010

Chi Kung, Sephirot, Singing, Matan Torah

A beautiful inspiration came down during my Chi Kung class this week at Elima, the alternative medicine school here in my beautiful country Yishuv. I learned that in the same way we can move and direct the flow of our energy through Chi Kung exercises (standing, breathing, and moving the arms and body to activate meridians and the power of the imagination to the Chi's movement), so can we move our spiritual and physical energy through our voice. At the end of the class, we sang "Hodu L'Hashem Ci Tov", and directed the vowels sounds of the song to their corresponding physical center in the body. The "Oh" of Hodu corresponds to the sephirah of "Tiferet" according to the Kabbalah of the Arizal, and that connects to the area of the heart. The "OO" of Hodu corresponds to the Sephirah of "Yesod", which in turn corresponds to the lower area of the body, the sexual organs and the pelvis. By singing these sounds with awareness, we can move the energy of the body in the same way that we do when practicing the simple Chi Kung exercise called "the flowing", which sets in motion the flow between the lower Dan Tian (a few inches below the navel) and the middle Dan Tian (in the area of the heart). It is a basic principle that the mind and the Chi are connected. Also the Baal Shem Tov said, "Where your thoughts are, there you are." Adding the spiritual vibration of our holy voices praising our Creator, "Praise to G-d because He is good, His kindness is forever", takes this nature flow in harmony with G-d creation, and sends it higher and higher, making each of us a worthy vessel for connecting heaven and earth. The potential for directing the voice and its healing vibrations is endless, and this revealation is the Torah of the Moshiach. It is said that the Moshiach will reveal the hidden melody of the Torah, hidden within the Taamay ha Mikrah, the special melody used to sing the Torah. This melody is the highest level of Torah. By revealing the melody hidden within the Torah, each of us can receive the special healing that we need. The ten kinds of melody release and open 10 kinds of joy, the lack of which is the true source of all illness. Just the movement of those two sounds within us, from the most basic part of us in Yesod, to our Hearts in Tiferet, allow our prayers, thoughts and bodies to become more vital and fertile. May it be Your will, that you send us a total healing, so that we can once again receive the Torah...the holy Torah of Moshiach, soon in our days, AMEN!


  1. Thank you for this beautiful teaching. It is so helpful in moving past the "golden calf syndrome" when we use our voice in song and chant.
    (Hazzan) Rachel Hersh Epstein

  2. you should go from strength to strength!